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Compact Immigration understands the complexities that come with the whole process of Immigration into a foreign country.


Compact Immigration understands the complexities that come with the whole process of Immigration into a foreign country. That is why we have a workforce of skilled and professional staff that has dealt with an assortment of immigration problems and deadlocks. This group of people is ready and always willing to give our clients immigration advice.

Immigration Advice

We provide immigration services for Family Sponsorship within and outside Canada, Federal Skilled Worker Class, Investor-Entrepreneur & Self Employed, Business Immigration, Canadian Experienced Class, Live-in Caregiver Program, Provincial Nominee Program, Permanent Residency, Judicial Detention review, International Student, Refugee Claims.

More Immigration Services.

Immigration File Review, PR Card Application, PR Card Extension/ Renewal, Citizenship Certificate, Parent and Grandparent super visas/sponsorship, Missing/lost documents, Documents urgent Application, Citizenship Application, group of five, Humanitarian and Compassionate(H&C)Application, Pre-Removal Risk Assessment(PRRA), LMIA, Sponsorship and refugee Appeals, reconsideration of visitors visa refusal, Adoption and lonely family.

International Student Services

As a company, we have identified the needs of international students and consider these needs a priority in the realization of quality of service to other immigrants. That is the sole reason why we have divested the services we provide for the international students and hope that we can continue growing and learning the needs of our clients as our network expands.

Among the services offered include, International Student Admission Letters, Study Permit and Study Permits Extension and a one on one with Students for better understanding.

Tourist Visa

At Compact Immigration, we understand that sometimes our clients might need to travel for non-educational purposes or short time periods. Our long list of visa services thus extends to visitor visas.

Visitor visas are Nonimmigrant visas for persons who want to enter Canada or any other Country for a short period of time [Remember: it is very unlawful to stay beyond a given period, except otherwise instructed by the immigration division of such country].

If you're planning on visiting where you've always wanted to visit, you're at the right place. Tourism has become one of the fastest growing industries in recent times globally, and brought about a myriad of benefits and opportunities, particularly in the economic, socio-cultural and environmental aspects of the concerned countries. Part of the tourist visa package that we offer our clients includes Hotel reservation and Flight booking based on the customer’s request.

7 collective reasons to study in Europe

1. Europe offers world-class education and research

2. A wide range of education options

3. Study in Europe is a boost for your career

4. A wide range of education options

5. Tuition fees are low

6. It’s easy to travel and discover the whole continent

7. The higher education systems are well-respected and aligned

Some institution in Europe are tuition free, but you still have to pass embassies/high commission interview or their visa processing. Remember that students/sponsors still have to provide proof of funds (P.O.F).

Reasons to study in the U.S

1. World renowned Academia

2. Academic Flexibility

3. Career Opportunities

4. Research and Training opportunities

5. Usage of technology

6. American culture and campus life.

7. Help and support to International Students.

Reasons to study in the Australia

1. Growing Destination

2. Global Recognition

3. Cost of  living

4. Diversity of education

5. Usage of technology

6. Students work up to 20hrs

Reasons to study in the New Zealand

1. Broad opportunities for study and research

2. Quality learning experience

3. Easy entry requirements

4. A great destination

5. Affordable costs

6. A beautiful country.


We provide the highest level of services to individuals, corporations, nonprofits, universities, and other institutions across the nation and around the world. We work with various institutions within and outside Canada.
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Proven record of accomplishments and a high success rate in the industry of immigration legal services

The mission of Compact International Educational Consultants is the metamorphosis of lives and provision of innovative results through our educational expert team for students and families around the world. We don't only provide you with information regarding schools and don't only provide you with information regarding schools and .